London Wine Fair – 2019 Revisited

London Wine Fair – 2019 Revisited

London Wine Fair 2019

The London Wine Fair 2019 revisited. A look back at a selection of wines and spirits from exhibitors at the 2019 London Wine Fair. This annual UK wine fair proved once again why it is the best!
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dr-robert-frewRobert Frew    BSc, MA, PhD, FCMA, CGMA.

I studied Physics at Queen Mary University of London, and Management at the University of Bradford School of Management. Several years later, I qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (FCMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).

As a management consultant and financial management specialist, I advised many organisations and completed many successful company turnarounds in the UK, Southern Africa and Turkey. My international career spanned many diverse sectors including aeronautics, broadcasting, leisure, media,  gold mining, oil exploration and international trade.

I pursued further studies and research at City, University of London, gaining MA and PhD degrees in Arts Policy and Management. The scope of my doctoral research covered organisations in the profit and not-for-profit creative industries sector. I identified key contemporary arts and cultural issues for further debate, including the management and leadership of cultural organisations. I also outlined the case for a new approach to major arts funding in England.

My general interests include the arts, culture and sciences – especially the culture and languages of China, Japan and Korea. I  have a special interest in international relations, world culture and media issues.

On a lighter note, I enjoy reviewing fine wines and food from around the world. 


BBC Trust

*First Published on PM Boris Johnson’s ‘Democracy Archives’ website – click here

The BBC Trust

Dr Robert Frew

“The extent to which the
audience feels its trust betrayed
… bodes ill for the BBC. In the
long term the loser will be
public-service broad­casting itself;
the winners the revengists of ‘old’
New Labour.”


Dr Robert Frew reflects on the role of the BBC Trust

The BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons, has recently revealed he will not seek to be re-appointed in the role when his four-year term ends next May.

A few weeks ago, in a letter to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Sir Michael said the Trust was robust, workable and effective … with much remaining to be done. So what of the background that led to the formation of the BBC Trust and its future ?

The BBC Trust replaced the BBC’s Board of Governors in January 2007. The Government said it was intended to ensure an “unprecedented obligation to openness and transparency”. But one of its first announcements was that the BBC Trust would review the corporation’s UK news coverage, which, whilst seeming even-handed to some, was seen by others as an insidious first step to totalitarianism : more like a politburo flexing its muscles. Continue reading “BBC Trust”